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The band was founded in 2017 following the meeting between the Romans Luca Palazzi (main vocals, lyrics, drum machine) and Francesca Ronconi (keyboards-synths), and Gianpaolo Rosato (bass), former member of the group Black Sonar, with  the Florentines Francesco Degli Innocenti (guitar), formerly of the group Dreg Machine and B-Back, and Elisabetta Caiani (vocals, backup vocals, kazoo).

The name CRM (which stands for Customer Relationship "Madness") refers to the same acronym that in the world of marketing identifies the central activity of Customer Relationship Management, emphasizing that what they normally do is considered a management activity, it but in reality is madness, a global game of manipulation of thoughts and desires. “Zeitgeist: the defining spirit of a period of history. It was no coincidence that this was title of the last pictorial exhibition of the eclectic singer Luca Palazzi (site:, in which he visually expressed that which was later developed into music by CRM, in a syncretic path between visual art and sound

“Who Are Exactly?”, the debut album of CRM – Customer Relationship Madness, recorded and mixed by Alessandro La Padula, was released in November 2019 from Seahorse Recordings, and it's been very positively received by critics, both nationally and internationally. Among others, for example,Blow Up (gave a score of 7) is "a group to keep an eye on", for the webzine  ONDAROCK, “there are many ingredients that naturally go great together. They have a lot of ideas, as if that weren't enough, many already focused on. Music Map talks about “A debut of impressive solidity, with a devastating impact” While says “A lucidly delirious and deliberately theatrical record, a dystopian trip that leads to the heart of the truth".

The disc will be followed, due to COVID-19 and the lockdown, by a rapid return of the band to the studio to compose new tracks.  In the meantime, the international situation is becoming ever more complex and tense with echoes of dark omens that pour into the 9 compositions that make up "My Lunch", a new album to be released in Spring 2023, with Overdub Recordings. The disc offers a sound that is difficult to categorize: nocturnal and dilated, post-punk and electronic, with sudden industrial breakthroughs, noise incursions and constant psychedelic contamination, alternating with moments of profound melancholy for a lost world. The album is embellished by the contribution on trumpet by Marcello Maggi in 2 pieces (Vanity Wheel and Alone) and the artwork by South African artist Sean Gregory.

“I don’t think I have talent, I just think I’m receptive”.

(Francis Bacon)

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